The year is 2021 and abortion is illegal in the United States when a young unidentified female is found dead from an alleged “termination” in an abandoned tenement. The girl is identified as the daughter of a conservative right wing Senator which sets the opening premise in Overturned!

Overturned! takes an extremely controversial issue and wraps it in fiction allowing characters to voice their opinions within the safety and confines of the writers imagination. The novel attempts to answer the question, “What if” and finds that we should be very careful what “we ask for” as we may actually get it.

Overturned does not take a moral position but unravels the complicated emotions humans face when personally dealing with such issues. A Senator who helped outlaw abortion is faced with the devastating news that his only daughter died from an illegal termination. As the case is investigated, we find that love is the ultimate factor in transcending all political, religious and social opinions.

Overturned! is a political thriller that combines the business of politics, social reform and conspiracy into a story that brings us full circle on the issue of reproductive rights and those we love.


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